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For the couples that need up front help planning their big day!

Planning a wedding is a lot of work... Now add a full-time job, other friends' weddings, your regular social life, household chores. We're exhausted just thinking about it! 


Brooke Voris Weddings is proud to announce our very own Virtual Planning Workshop kicking off in just a couple of weeks. For the couples that need up front help planning their big day, all done via computer in the comfort of your very own space.

Perfect for the couple that doesn't need in-person help on their wedding day, but could totally use the direction putting it all together. Or for the couples that have day-of coordinators included at the venue already, but quickly realize that you actually need support leading up to the day-of that some coordinators cannot provide. Maybe you're a couple that just has SO much going on that the idea of looking anything up is just simply not on today's agenda.

Register today for our virtual planning workshop and someone will be in touch to help get you started shortly! 

Now offering a special promotion for our Podcast listeners. Tune in to Cheers to You! today to find out our promo code that allows the first 20 couples to get 50% off the total price of the workshop!

Register today by completing the form above!

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