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Cheers to You! with Brooke Voris


Planning Life's Big (And Small) Moments,
One Dodge and Swerve at a Time

To the mom who wants to turn her passion into profit, the bride trying to plan a wedding while working full-time, the wedding photographer that can’t find time to make it to the grocery store – cheers to YOU! You’re a modern-day working woman trying to navigate owning her schedule, starting a family and overall just crushing your personal goals.


Welcome to the podcast, Cheers to You! with Brooke Voris where wedding planner, Brooke Voris, laughs her way through being a business owner, mom of four, devoted wife, and a perfectionist. From working remotely with kids, meeting tight deadlines in between household chores, discovering the tipping point from going full-time corporate employee to full-time mompreneur.


Brooke Voris tells all about how her big (and small) wins brought her to where she’s at today – a journey through starting corporate, getting married, having kids, and owning a business.

In this podcast you’ll hear about:


  • What corporate America taught me

  • How I went from full-time employee to full-time business owner

  • Having a business and running a household

  • Keeping the marriage going while being in three places at once

  • Achieving big (and small) wins while being a total perfectionist

  • And so, so much more…


This fun, light-hearted, totally relatable podcast sheds light on the not-so-talked-about lives of several working women that want to have it all: a family, a marriage, a business. Brooke’s here to tell you #bosslady that you can – because Cheers to You and your goals!

What happens when...

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Submit your what happens when question below and listen in to our podcast, Cheers to You! with Brooke Voris to find out the answer.

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The Personality Behind the Podcast

Wedding Planner

What I wish I knew, from being a bride to starting my own wedding business.



How I went from corporate America, to self-employed and thriving.


Mom + Wife

How my husband's support and my four kids keep me motivated to crush it.

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