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The BVW Team

Meet Brooke

As long as I can remember, I have been planning parties. It started when I was in grade school (sorry Mom and Dad) and has been part of my life ever since. I enjoyed planning any and all events for my friends and family but as I got older I enjoyed most of all, planning weddings. I think it is the excitement in the air that draws me in. I love hearing the stories people share with me about how they met, their visions for their Wedding Day and even the worries leading up to it because I know I can help ease their minds. I look at every wedding as an opportunity to bring happiness to the people I am working with. Whether it be the couple, their friends, family or the vendors that they have chosen, I have the chance to help create the day they all have dreamed of. I feel so fortunate to be part of a new chapter of their love story and am grateful everyday for the opportunity to do something I personally love.

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Meet the Mascot

We spent countless hours deciding what would help describe us best to people and we finally chose the Glorious Peacock for the BVW Mascot.  


We did this not only because of its unique nature, which is how we think of each wedding we are part of, but also because the Peacock is known for its guidance, protection and watchfulness.


At BVW we aim to give you the very same attention. Much like the “Powers of the Peacock”, our goal is to bring vibrancy back to the wedding planning process and to help keep the proper mood to embrace this very special time in your life.


Our planners are certified by the American Academy of Wedding Professionals.

Let's get this
party started!
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